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What makes our dispensary special?

Our online weed dispensary is unique in it’s ability to provide weed delivery all over MA. In addition to this, we have same day delivery for clients within Boston. 
You can now order your favorite cannabis strains, cannabis concentrates, cannabis edibles, brands like Jeeter Juice and more online. We deliver up to the legal limit of the various cannabis products available. 


  • We are legally allowed to sell to clients coming from out of state.
  • You can mix and match products at discount costs.
  • We have same day weed delivery for clients in our area.
  • We have a 5% Discount available for medical patients.
  • Bonus deals and free weed samples for repeat customers.

Ordering weed delivery in MA is as easy as using a Food App to order. Our online weed service delivers all over MA, even in the nooks and crannies. Place your order from home, sit back and enjoy some of the best quality weed MA has to offer.

Yes, you can in the public areas of the hotel building. However, within the hotel room smoking is not allowed and you might get in trouble if you violate this rule.

Yes, you can. It is legal to smoke in public areas as long as you are not being an inconvenience to the people around you.

Yes we really do. Our weed delivery service delivers all over Massachusetts with tracking information provided prior to shipping.

Yes you can. Recreational weed is now legal in MA. Being above 21 with an ID or Driver’s License qualifies you to buy weed online in MA.

We for sure do! Our online dispensary offers the very best deals for new customers with bonus products and savings of up to 5% on your first order.

On the really rare occasion where we fail to deliver, we will issue a full refund within 2 days. 

If you have any further questions, you can Contact Us Here.